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Oil Change near Fullerton
Oil Change near Fullerton

Jaguar Oil Change Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Fullerton

What does a Jaguar oil change cost?

Using a Jaguar XF as an example, the average oil change costs between $312 and $340. This includes labor costs, estimated between $53 and $67 and parts, priced between $259 and $273.

Which type of oil is recommended for a Jaguar?

Depending on the condition of your car and mileage, there will be an oil best suited for your vehicle. Overall, there are four standard types of oil: Conventional (Premium) Oil, Synthetic Oil, Synthetic Blends and High Mileage. Your technician will be able to recommend the best type of oil for your specific needs.

When should I get my oil changed?

The recommended interval for Jaguar oil changes is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It's best to check with an authorized dealer or consult your owner's manual for your specific vehicle's needs.

Do I have to use the same brand of oil for every oil change?

Jaguar recommends using a high-quality oil for every oil change. Consult owner's manual to confirm the type of oil that is best suited for your vehicle.

When should I schedule an oil change?

Oil changes are considered a regular part of your vehicle's maintenance. Check your owner's manual to determine the exact recommended time frame for oil changes.

Should I use a synthetic oil in my Jaguar?

Your owner's manual is a great resource for oil changes, it will tell you the type, grade and frequency of oil changes for your vehicle's engine.

Do I have to get my Jaguar's oil changed regularly?

Motor oil is an important part in ensuring your vehicle functions properly, it reduces heat and keeps your engine clean, as well as improves fuel efficiency. Because of this, it's important to get regular oil changes and to prevent your engine from corrosion.

How much oil is needed for my Jaguar?

It will depend on the type of vehicle and engine. As an example, a 4 cylinder car take less oil, and typically requires conventional oil. In comparison to a vehicle with a high-performance V-8 engine, which would require full synthetic motor oil.

Are there any benefits to using synthetic oil?

While some vehicles' engines require synthetic oil, auto manufacturers are now designing their engines specifically around the superior protection and performance that synthetic motor oil offers.

Should I use conventional oil?

The benefit of conventional oil changes is that they are typically offered at a lower price than synthetic oils.

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Jaguar Oil Change Schedule

Jaguar Maintenance after 15,000 miles

Spark plug replacement
Check the air filter and replace if needed
Inspect and clean the throttle plate
During this service, a technician will complete all services performed during the 5,000-mile inspection, plus:
Check the belt adjustment

Jaguar Maintenance after 30,000 miles

Transmission fluid and filter
Rear axle lube
Power steering fluid
5,000-mile services and 15,000-mile services are performed at this service interval, as well as: Replace & Adjust the following Jaguar components:
Front wheel bearings

Jaguar Maintenance after 5,000 miles

Door hinge lubrication and body fittings
Clean and lube the power antenna
Road test
Belt and hose inspection
Lights inspection and bulb replacement, if needed

Jaguar Oil Change Instructional Videos

The Simplest Way to Do an Oil Change on a Jaguar XJ / X351

Jaguar recommends Castrol EDGE SAE 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil with Fluid TITANIUM Technology for the XJ/X351. Watch this to learn the easiest way to change the oil!

At Home Oil Change: Jaguar F-Type R

Everything you need to know, including which products to use, to change the oil on a Jaguar F-Type at home!

Using Millers XF Premium Oil for a Jaguar XFR 5.0L V8

Jaguar makes it easy for anyone - a certified technician or even owners - to change the oil on their vehicles. Learn how to do it yourself and save time and money.

Step-by-Step DIY Oil Change on a Jaguar F-Type

If you have 20 minutes and all the right tools, you can easily DIY an oil change on your Jaguar F-Type.


From our Fullerton Service Customers

Photo of Ramon C.

Ramon C.     

Came in on a Saturday afternoon, it was hectic. Sean spotted us and told us he would be right with us. After looking around we found the car we wanted by that time Sean came back to us and asked us to join him in his office. Sean asked what is was that I wanted in a car and showed me to the vehicle which had it all. Sean knew exactly what they had and didn't have off the top of his head. I want to say everything went smoothly but I was indecisive. I had originally been interested in a Q7 or Q8 but after speaking with him and checking out the Velar my mind was changed. Then the deal was made and I had a new car.If you want someone knowledgeable, friendly, energetic. Look for Sean hell probably be busy with someone else at the moment but he's worth the wait.

Photo of Tom Hanlon

Tom Hanlon     

Great parts department and friendly service

Photo of Rick M.

Rick M.     

I was extremely satisfied with the customer service.  Vanessa Martinez is the example when  it comes to taking care of customers! "I appreciate you"...

Photo of Marcos T.

Marcos T.     

As Promise from Mr Giannini and his dealer, He made sure that my wife and i were taken care of and took care of all our problems, He was able to put us in our new 2020 Range Rover Evoque and as I promise made our problems with JLR Corporate amd our 2014 Range Rove go away,, I told him that I would make sure that everyone knew that his dealer is the one to go to,. This is my 3rd update and I can honestly say, why didn't I know about Mr Giannini before and my problems would of been solved a long time ago.,Well, Mr Giannini and Sean took care of making our experience with our new purchase hassle free. They answered all my questions and Financing With Lauren Davila were easy. Please consider Cerritos Range Rover for your next purchase and any questions please ask for Sean. All this done in less than 7 days!!!!!That is awesome. they don't play around!!!!Up 1 star ,update to follow, Mr Giannini took time from his busy schedule to see me and talk our situation that we are having.Man, where can I start, I would say!, stay away, this dealer is driving me crazy for the last 3 months, I took my vehicle in for a simple battery light on, and its been there ever since. Happen to be an electrical fire of the main harness,  it has been a nightmare, vehicle was purchase some where else. so I did the mistake not taking it back to them, car was a used car from a different dealer, i figured I would go there because it was closer to where I live. I tried going thru an extended warranty I purchased,, well it was not covered, they convinced me to go thru my insurance and luckily it was covered thru them. But, due to covid,  they have used every excuse in the book, i even heard that the harness is unique and that every vehicle has its own and its made for that specific vehicle. You guys better hope this doesn't happen to you guys!!! you will be waiting till they find a vendor to make it from scratch, at least, thats what they said!!!!.Since 4/22/2020 now keep in mind, this was paid thru my insuramce which cost 13000.00 dollars and 5 payments later i still don't have a vehicle, I've called corporate and they did say that they would cover a rental and reimburse me, but I have to come out of pocket and send in the week remtals and then takes them 3 weeks to approve and send me money. Really,  why wouldn't the dealer provide me with a loaner?, So last week, I got the news that the part was finally in!!!  great right!!!, wrong!!!! I found out today after working on my car for the last 4 days, that the part they send might be the wrong part!!!! its not matching!!!thats what they said!!!!What does that mean!!!!!??????So, im driving to the dealer tomorrow and seeing the car, lets see what happens!!!! Really to talk to the service manager and see what they can do and explain to me what is going on!!! Take your car bussiness somewhere  else!!!!

Photo of Derek E.

Derek E.     

About a week ago my wife and I got serious about purchasing another vehicle.  She had a whole list of "requirements" 3rd row etc.  We had a few cars in mind and one day I took her to the Range Rover dealership in Cerritos.  It's always been on her mind that she wanted one but she didn't really think it was possible.  We were immediately greeted by Sean (Suren) and shown a few vehicle's after talking some basics of what we were looking for.  I had originally done a lot of research about the Velar model as to me, it was more stylish than the sport.  However we immediately fell in love with a white HST that was on the lot.  All of her original requirements went out the window. Sean informed us that they were quite hard to find in that spec etc.  We ended up going home to think about it and made up our minds that it was the one. We made plans to go that night, bring our trade and make the deal.  Sean called me around noon to let me know the car we were interested in had sold.  We were devastated.  We went to another dealer to see what they had inventory wise, looked online in like a 500 mile radius and couldn't find one similar.  Sean was right.  He wasn't being pushy or coming up with a story about the vehicle just to make a sale, it was rare and it obviously was in high demand.  We even tried calling him to see just how "sold" the vehicle was, even joking that we could somehow still sign the triple form before they did to pick it up.  We made it back to the dealer with our trade and it was really difficult to compare other vehicles to the one we missed out on.  We were literally sitting in our car about to leave and Sean persisted to get us to try a TD6 model, informing us of the increased gas mileage and being similar minus some performance features and the dash.  Ultimately the deal was made and in the long run we are happy with our purchase over the flashy one.  The process was simple and to be honest I didn't feel like haggling to death over the price because I didn't want to miss out on another good opportunity.  I want to thank Sean and team for making everything smooth and most of all accommodating during the covid19 situation.

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