Time to Prepare for a Holiday Road Trip

The holiday season has once again crept upon us here in Cerritos, California. Here are a few things that you can do today to ensure that you arrive to your destination ahead of your busy schedule:

  1. The best time to get on the roads this year will be right after dinner when the majority of drivers are pulling over to get some rest.
  2. Be sure you place some emergency essentials like a gas can, road flares, and engine coolant in your trunk. 
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Get an Excellent Finance Experience Online at Penske Jaguar Cerritos

If you can’t afford to buy a new Jaguar vehicle with cash, you’re in good company with the majority of United States. Most people in America finance their vehicles, or fund the purchase with a lump sum from a financial institution, in exchange for repaying that sum plus interest to the bank involved. As financing a vehicle is a big step for most people, dealerships want to feel certain that our customers will be reasonably able to pay them back.

Dealers often ask their patrons to visit them in person to apply for financing. 

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Know the Total Cost of Car Ownership

Price is an important factor when you are in the market of buying a car. However, many car buyers usually base the price of their car on the price tag from the dealer. This is the wrong way to go about it because the car also requires additional financial obligations. Here are some of these costs to consider from the Jaguar Cerritos team:

  • Insurance costs
  • Car price
  • Fuel economy and current fuel estimates
  • Repairs and maintenance costs
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Headlight Maintenance Helps You See the Distance

When you are driving at night, you could cut your visibility in half if one of your headlights does not respond. The reduced lighting causes more than a problem for you, the driver. It also affects the users on the other side of the road.

When you notice that a light needs to be replaced, you should change them together in pairs.

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Never ignore your check engine light

It's never a good feeling when you see that your check engine light has come on. Most people immediately think that they're about to drop hundreds of dollars trying to figure it all out, plus the cost of fixing it.


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Remember to contact our service department here at Jaguar Cerritos to have diagnostic tests run. Failure to do so could cause permanent damag

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Why you need GAP insurance for your new Jaguar model

It’s not a pleasant realization that your new Jaguar can lose value as soon as its tires leave the dealership, but it’s one that a driver must come to terms with. A new car could lose up to 30 percent of its original value in the first year that you own it, and because of that, it can be worth less than what you owe on the loan for it,

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