Do motor oil ratings confuse you? We're happy to assist at Jaguar Cerritos. Our explanation can help you confidently shop for oil around Cerritos, CA.

The numbers you find on motor oil containers are viscosity ratings. Every liquid has a viscosity value. Viscosity simply measures how much a liquid resists flow. Your car's maker scientifically chooses the model's ideal viscosity rating. They include that rating in your owner's manual and make it available online.

When you look at the rating, you'll see a range format. It tells you the two limits of the oil's viscosity spectrum. The left value is the viscosity when the oil is cold, and the right value identifies the oil's hot viscosity. For example, 5W-20 tells us that the oil's viscosity is 5W when its engine has been off for a few hours and 20 when the engine is running. Now, you can buy your own oil without making a mistake.

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