No one wants to get involved in an accident, but there’s a reason why states require drivers to carry liability insurance. Any driver can find him or herself involved in one. The chances of a collision with a bicyclist increase in congested areas. Keep tips for avoiding accidents in mind when bikes are around.

The blame for accidents isn’t always on the shoulders of the cyclist. Drivers who speed, tailgate, refuse to come to complete stops at red lights, and engage in other terrible driving habits play a role in collisions. Temper your driving behavior when on the road. Otherwise, you may hit someone.

Other steps for care are advisable. Always be on the lookout for people on bicycles. They can turn up in a blind spot, so don’t assume the coast is still clear. Maintain a reasonable distance when passing someone to avoid clipping the bike. Remember, since they aren’t in a car, the chance of severe injury increases.

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