What's the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer?

Oversteering and understeering are major issues during bad weather or when you have poor steering wheel fluids. It could also be a sign that your tires are going bald, and you need to get a check-up. However, you shouldn’t feel that you can’t correct this problem. Specifically, for an understeer, you likely aren’t turning your wheel hard enough. In these instances, you should make sure that you’re following the curve of the road. It’s harder to turn your steering wheel when you pick up speed, so remember to slow down as you come into a different curve.

The opposite is true for an oversteer. In these instances, you may have over-corrected and found yourself turning into another lane or turning sharply into a curb. To avoid oversteering, you just have to pay attention to the force that you place on the steering wheel.

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