Blind spot monitors are an ingenious component of a vehicle's safety system. That isn't to say every vehicle has a blind spot monitor. It was a standard feature on merely 9 percent of new models produced in 2017, a detail that stuns us here at Jaguar Cerritos. Just the same, a blind spot monitor remains a simple yet incredible, lifesaving feature.

Tech That Tames the Road

A blind spot monitor falls under the category of collision-avoidance technology and safety. It's a system of sensors and/or cameras attached to your vehicle's exterior. The system emits sound, or echolocation, to monitor vehicles near/around yours when you're on the road.

Some systems alert you to a vehicle in your blind spot when you signal a turn. Other systems give you a heads up before you change lanes.

What the Statistics Say

Although blind spot monitors aren't standard on all vehicles, our team thinks they should be mandatory for vehicles tackling daily commuter traffic in Cerritos, period. Blind spot monitors and lane departure warning systems averted nearly 85,000 crashes in 2015. This is perhaps the best argument supporting what should be the widespread availability of this yet-to-be-standard, crucial safety feature.

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