The range of emergencies that can happen while you drive is nearly endless. They range from medical emergencies that make it unsafe to continue vehicle operation, to simple mechanical problems. In Cerritos, many drivers can suddenly be in need of assistance or decide to lend help to someone else.

Safety is the main concern when dealing with a roadside vehicle emergency. This means keeping yourself, and other drivers in the area, away from things that might result in other problems. Whenever an emergency happens, hazard lights should be used to slowly remove the vehicle from driving lanes. If there is a medical emergency happening, calling 911 is the first priority. If a mechanical emergency happens, establishing a “safe zone” around your vehicle is imperative. Keep your hazard lights going as you call a tow service, or a law enforcement officer to assist with the problem. This is very important when an emergency happens in a place with extreme traffic volumes. If you are in a rural area, it might be a good idea to keep a set of road flares in your car’s emergency kit.

Our service staff at Jaguar Cerritos is experienced in diagnosing and repairing all of the common problems that lead to vehicle driving emergencies. We can assist with everything from finding towing services, to arranging a repair schedule. Include our contact number in your call list to be prepared for any unexpected emergency.

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