What is a Differential and Should It Be Serviced?

The differential is a small sealed transfer box under your vehicle that works in unison with the transmission, engine, and drive shafts. The fluids inside the differential must be maintained or the moving parts inside could fail and keep your vehicle from being able to move.

Just like the motor oil in your car's engine, it breaks down over time as it keeps the moving parts lubricated. The fluid in the differential can break down too, which can cause the gears to grind and fail.

In addition to powering the wheels, the differential is important in helping steer your vehicle. If the differential is leaking or the oil is contaminated, the gears will not be as effective and it will have a negative impact on your ability to control the vehicle.

Don't wait until the gears experience failure, have the differential checked by our service technicians here at Penske Jaguar Cerritos so your vehicle continues running effectively.

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