Keep the Power Flowing with a New Car Battery

Your car's battery is the power source for many of its crucial components. Regular battery inspection and service can help you save money and time. By asking a technician to check your battery with every oil change, you can possibly avoid becoming stranded on the road.

While it's possible for a handy DIYer to replace a car battery if they have the right tools, professional replacement in Cerritos can save you money and time while helping you keep your hands clean. With help from the experts, you can have your battery replaced, diagnosed, and serviced quickly, all without the hassle and inconvenience of a DIY job.

If your car's battery has sufficient capacity but is still losing charge, it may need further testing which involves determining the starter's electrical draw and the alternator's output. Penske Jaguar Cerritos has the tools and technicians to meet all your battery installation, replacement, and inspection needs.

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