What Are Visible Signs of the Need for Tire Replacement?

Car problems can often be noticed by simply looking over the automobile itself. Going over different car parts for physical changes can prevent a plethora of issues from becoming expensive complications further down the road. What are observable indicators that your tires should be exchanged?

The tread on new tires will appear deep and smooth in appearance. As time passes, it will wear down until eventually there is nothing left. In older tires, placing a penny in between the worn-down tread every month will show exactly how much of it is receding. Significant scrapes, cuts, and chipping around the sidewalls of the tires is another clue that points to leaks and a high risk of blowout occurring very soon.

Some signs are not always very easy to spot. Penske Jaguar Cerritos stresses the importance that properly functioning tires have on vehicle safety. Whenever you're in the Cerritos, CA area, visit our service center so that we can have a look at your tires for you!

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