Vehicle Muffler Maintenance

The muffler and exhaust system on your vehicle are responsible for muffling the sound in your engine area. Most people don't realize how loud a car's engine actually is until there is something wrong with their muffler or exhaust and they can't hear anything else.

In addition to sound, your muffler also provides backpressure to your engine. This occurs when all of the valves in your engine are moving in all direction and cancel each other out and collide. A problem with this process can occur when your muffler is very old or damaged. The end result is a poorly performing engine that will cause more damage to your vehicle, affect the overall efficiency of your vehicle and cause more problems down the road.

If you suspect there is a problem with your vehicle, stop in to the service center here at Penske Jaguar Cerritos today so our technicians can see if they can determine what the problem is and fix it.

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