Can Maintaining Proper Cooling System Pressures Help Cooling Efforts?

Your cooling fluid is a frontline soldier in the battle that your motor wages against the effects of overheating. As it picks up thermal energy from the cylinders, it expands and exerts internal pressure on the rest of the system components.

Car makers design some level of radiator coolant pressurization into their vehicles. Coolant that is under pressure is less likely to boil over and lose its cooling ability, and thus maintaining this pressure is key for system health.

Time and damage can cause tiny leaks to form in different areas of the system, including the radiator, hoses, and gaskets. These diminutive holes can be impossible to see with the naked eye, but the professionally trained cooling system experts at our Cerritos, CA location can use special pressure testing equipment to find pressure leaks. To have a no-pressure conversation about your vehicle, swing by our service center at Penske Jaguar Cerritos today.

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